ADAS Pro Plus Standard Configuration

ADAS Pro Plus Standard Configuration


X-431 ADAS PRO+ is a high-precision, professional ADAS calibration tool that meets the requirements of daily ADAS calibration for car workshops. X-431 ADAS PRO+ mainly consists of main frame, wheel clamp, target holder, laser range finder, range indicator and calibration target. It supports multi-directional fine tuning, including level, front and rear, right and left. X-431 ADAS PRO+ enables calibration of ADAS systems such as LDW, ACC, AVM, RCW, BSD, NVS and others. It is compatible with BSD, AVM and rear camera targets of X-431 ADAS PRO and X-431 ADAS Mobile.

It replaces the functions and availability of the predecessor models X-431 ADAS PRO and X-431 ADAS MOBILE.

Calibration System
Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane Keep Assist

Night-time system

Tone angle detection


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