Ancel AS100




Ancel AS100 OBD2 Scanner
1. Support 6 OBD2 diagnosis functions: Read Code, Erase Code, Data Stream, I/M Readiness, Freeze Frame, Read VIN.

2. Support Multi-Languages: English, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish.

3. Unique key design, Colorful screen.

4. Quick Test: Support quick diagnosis and one-click DTC clearing for all OBD2 car. Quick and easy.

5. Data Stream and Waveform Recording and Playback: Can analyze the faults that only reoccur during driving and can quickly rectify car faults.

6. Quick Support: Provide detailed DTC online help so that maintenance technicians can quickly rectify faults and improve diagnosis efficiency Online.

1. Reading Codes: Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs).

2. Erasing Codes & Reset: Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.

3. Data Stream: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.

4. I/M Readiness Status: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.

5. View Freeze Frame Data: Check the vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.

6. Read Vehicle Information: Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.

7. Smoke Emission check.

8. Engine EPC Check.


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