Bestek 13600mAh Car Jump Starter

Bestek 13600mAh Car Jump Starter


BESTEK 13600mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Unique Red and Black Appearance, Compact Size with all necessary accessories stored in a carrying case
Can jumpstart 12V petrol vehicles 20 times when fully charged

• Multi-Function:
Automobile 12V Emergency Starter
Car Battery Charger
3-in-1 Mobile Phone Power Station
8-in-1 Laptop Charger
LED Emergency Light

• 14V 1A Input Port
• 19V 3.5A Output Port
• USB 5V/2A and 1A Output Ports
• 4 Modes LED Flashlight can last 120 hours showing the power status (30%, 60%, and 100%)


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