Humzor Nexzdas Pro

Humzor Nexzdas Pro


User-friendly Experience
Quick access to VIN Query, DTC Query, Data Manage, Data playback, Feedback icon, Screenshot, etc. fully provide you with intelligent and easy operation.

Diagnosis+ 9 Special Functions
Available With Key Programming at Additional Cost
Nexdas Pro Professional Diagnostic Tool for passenger cars combines diagnosis, reset service and key programming in one, maximally offer the perfect diagnostic solution for mechanics who demand OE level smart technology and smart repairs, making car repair more intelligent, convenient and efficient.

Complete OBD-II Diagnosis:
Full-System Diagnosis, ABS, TPMS, SRS, etc.

Special Functions:
ABS Bleed
Oil Reset
Across different Platform
Android, iOS, Windows Available. Freely choose Smartphone, Tablet, and PC (under developing) to achieve intelligent and efficient operation.

Customized Functions
Choose what you need most and then pay to get a license instead of being given many idle functions, saving you lots of money.

Full-system Diagnosis
A full-system quick scan, deep diagnosis on all the electronic systems of the vehicle with a detailed report.

Continuously Releasing New Functions
More advanced functions are under developing now for later release, such as ECU coding & programming, more supported models, etc.


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