KWP 2000 Plus

KWP 2000 Plus


KWP2000 Specification
Connects to USB
Supports high speed ECU flashing
Led Indications for power/Rx/Tx
Can read and write a lot more ECU’s than the normal KWP2000 Software
KWP2000 Functions
This Kit can be used to read and write flash dumps of the most recent ECUs. It is very easy to use – You need only a PC with Windows and a USB port

KWP2000 Package Includes
KWP2000 Plus device
USB A/B connection cable
OBD2 connection cable
38 pin Mercedes connection cable
20 pin BMW connection cable
Female banana cable
Software CD

– Backup of the ECU memory is not supported for some of the listed ECU`s here
– Some ECU`s cannot be flashed over the OBD2 connector in the car, in this case you have to remove the ECU from the car and flash it “on desk”.


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