Launch BST-560 Battery System Tester

Launch BST-560 Battery System Tester


Types of Tests
Ripple Detection, Battery Test, Electric Current Test, Starter Test, Charging System Test, Voltage Test

BST-560 Features
The USB port can export service records

A variety of applicable vehicle types, battery types and calibration systems

The potential problem of vehicles can be detected in advance

The battery and circuit system can be detect simultaneously

The battery test results are quick and accurate (within 3 Sec.)

No heating, no discharge, no spark, no operating risks

Support Automatic temperature compensation function

Available to the batch inspection of battery by testing continuously and repeatedly

Support multiple languages menu

Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’

Applicable Vehicle
Car, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other gardening machines, Group 31, commercial vehicles 4D/8D

Applicable Battery Types
6V, 12 V and 24V batteries (Lead-acid battery, gel battery and AGM battery)

European Configuration A: English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian

European Configuration B: Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Norway

American Configuration: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Asia Configuration A: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Asia Configuration B: English, Japanese, Korean

Test Range

CCA 100~2000
DIN 100~1400
EN 100~2000
IEC 100~1400
SAE 100~2000
JIS 26A17~245H52
CA 100~2000
MCA 100~2000
BCI 100~2000
GB 30Ah~200Ah
Technical Data

Display 4-line graphic LCD display with backlight
Working Temperature -18~50℃
Dimension 188x95x41mm
Case Material ABS acid-proof plastic, industrial case design, suitable for repair workshops
Test Cable 80 mm standard cable
Weight 450g


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