Launch BST-860 Battery System Tester

Launch BST-860 Battery System Tester


Types of Tests
Ripple Detection, Battery Test, Electric Current Test, Starter Test, Charging System Test, Voltage Test

BST-860 Features
Built-in thermal Printer

The USB port can export service records

A variety of applicable vehicle types, battery types and calibration systems

Large screen with backlight and user-friendly interface

The potential problem of vehicles can be detected in advance

The battery and circuit system can be detect simultaneously

The battery test results are quick and accurate (within 3 Sec.)

No heating, no discharge, no spark, no operating risks

Support Automatic temperature compensation function

Available to the batch inspection of battery by testing continuously and repeatedly

Support multiple languages menu

Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’

Applicable Vehicle
Cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other gardening machines, Group 31, commercial vehicles 4D/8D

Applicable Battery Types
6V, 12 V and 24V batteries (Lead-acid battery, gel battery and AGM battery)

Optional Accessories
Storage case

Thermal paper (sold in most office supply stores)

European Configuration A: English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian

European Configuration B: Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Norway

American Configuration: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Asia Configuration A: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Asia Configuration B: English, Japanese, Korean

Test Range

CCA 100~2000
DIN 100~1400
EN 100~2000
IEC 100~1400
SAE 100~2000
JIS 26A17~245H52
CA 100~2000
MCA 100~2000
BCI 100~2000
GB 30Ah~200Ah
Technical Data

Display 4-line graphic LCD display with backlight
Working Temperature -18~50℃
Dimension 188x95x41mm
Case Material ABS acid-proof plastic, industrial case design, suitable for repair workshops
Test Cable 80 mm standard cable
Weight 450g


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