Launch CNC-603A Injector Cleaner

Launch CNC-603A Injector Cleaner


Product Parameters
Input Power: 300W
Cleaning Power: 100W
Range of Rotation: 10-9990rpm / step length: 10rpm
Time Limit: 1-9999s
Pulse Width Range: 0.5~25ms / step length: 0.1ms
Operating Volume: 3000mL
Main Unit Dimensions: 396*380*446mm
Packing Dimensions: 458*433*537mm
Net Weight: 16.5kg
Power Supply: AC220V-230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1.5Amax
Environment Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Relative Humidity: 85%
Strength of External Magnetic Field: 400A/m

CNC-603A (Metal)
CNC-603A is an Ultrasonic Automotive Injector Cleaner & Tester from LAUNCH. We upgraded the shell design to the sheet metal on this latest generation for more durable and reliable usage. Combines the ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology, CNC-603A can clean and inspect the car fuel injectors and fuel supply system.

1. The sheet metal shell design is good for durable and reliable usage

2. 2 in 1 design for more space saving, the cleaner can be separated from the device

3. Glass tube is resistant to high and low temperature

4. User-friendly design of the fuel intake and drain pipe for convenient oil filling and discharge

5. The seamless design of the key mask for better oil resistance

6. Apply the ultrasonic cleaning technology, support on-vehicle cleaning

7. Variety test includes uniformity and atomization detection, sealing test, fuel injection quantity detection, automatic cleaning detection

8. Automatic injector cleaning inspection

9. Automatic control of cleaning and detection process

10. Support both automatic and manual oil draining

11. Scan QR code and get access to LAUNCH platform, check equipment information and send product feedback


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