Launch CRP 129 Premium

Launch CRP 129 Premium


Launch CRP 129 Premium
The Launch CRP 129 Premium has the capabilities of the CRP 123P, plus more features such as reset capabilities for Steering Angle Reset, Oil Maintenance Reset and Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and a Battery Reset.

Performs Oil service light resets, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) release, and Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) resets and Battery Reset
Enhanced Manufacturer Specific DTCs for Domestic, Asian and European Coverage
Reads and Records enhanced Data Streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine
Auto Vehicle ID, Auto Module Search & Fast Protocol ID
Reads and clears codes on Engine, Transmission (A/T), ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems – on all makes and all models (16 Pin)
Support for all 10 test modes of OBD II with Enhanced OBD II Mode 6
Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific codes current, permanent and pending
View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status
Graph, record, and replay data in full color
Menu with DTC definitions in English, Spanish & French
Free Internet updates (USB 2.0)
Intuitive Interface and Button Operation with Sleek, Rugged Design 4.0” TFT full color display


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