Launch KWB-421 Wheel Balancer

Launch KWB-421 Wheel Balancer



Working Input Parameters : 220V
Rim Diameter Range : 12 – 24 inches
Max. Wheel Diameter : 650mm
Max. Wheel Weight : 75kg
Wheel Width : 1.5 – 22 inches
Balance Cycle : 7s
Balance Speed : 180rpm

The new Launch KWB-421 is a Wheel Balancing machine with high stability and accuracy.


Manual Input Parameters
Simple to work with excellent balancing perfomance. eg : 1g balance
Quickly measures distance and diameter (‘a’ Value / ‘d’ Value) with
Relative Activation Of Desired Balancing
Foot Brake Pedal Assist to Control the position of Counterweights
Wheel Guard gives the tyre better protection
Launch Comprehensive Guarantees


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