Launch KWB-521 Wheel Balancer

Launch KWB-521 Wheel Balancer


KWB-521 is the most cost-effective wheel balancer and also is the priority choice for the new hand. It supports various balance modes and maximizes its usage.

Automatic Measure Three Parameters (“A” value), Rim Diameter (“D” value), Rim Width
Automatic Brake Positioning / Laser Positioning
Show the Amount of Weight Needed Directly
Function Switch Combination Key for Tire Rim Optimization Combination
Automatically Perform ALUS Balancing
OPT / HID Function
Launch Comprehensive Guarantees
Items KWB-521
Voltage 220V
Rim Diameter Range 12-24
Max. Wheel Diameter 650mm
Wheel Width 1.5-22”
Balance Cycle 7s
Balance Speed 180rpm
Max. Wheel Weight 75kg
Package Size 850x850x1270mm


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