Launch PFP-100 Programming Flash Power

Launch PFP-100 Programming Flash Power


diagnosis. It can prevent failure and abnormal during the process of programming due to low voltage.

1. 5 Protection Modes: Reverse Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overheat Protection, Overcharge Protection, Synchronous Rectification (220V only)

2. Charging Mode: The regular mode for battery that under normal condition

3. Exhibit Mode: Charging the battery continually in small current in showroom

4. Programming Mode: The programming voltage of 12-16V can be directly selected

5. Hidden Repair Mode: Auto repair if there is a minor issue of battery

Input Voltage 110V, 220~240V/50~60Hz
Power 1200W
Max. Current 100A
Charging Voltage 12V
Programming Mode 2~16V/2~100A
MAH 10~1200Ah
Electric Cable Length 3m
Weight 8.5kg
Dimension 430*380*140mm


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