Launch SLD-502 Smoke Automotive Leak Locator (EVAP)

Launch SLD-502 Smoke Automotive Leak Locator (EVAP)


Helps find potential vehicle problems
Detachable smoke hose and power cords
Smart 5 minutes working cycle controller with a single control button
Fits most intakes/exhausts, with its universal Adaptor cone
Equipped with Pressure gauge and flow adjustable meter to ensure a quick diagnosis of leak status
Inbuilt air compressor with big air flow rate up to 10L/M
Support UV leak detection method to find leak sized less than 0.2mm
It fits all Passenger car systems except Turbo Charger
Output Pressure: 0.5
Power Supply: 12V Fully Charged Vehicle Battery
Pressure Supply: Inbuilt Air Compressor
Juice Load: 40ML
Gross Weight: 5.6kg


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