Launch TLT240SC Two Post Lift


The Launch TLT240SC Two Post Lift is applicable for the lifting of SUVs, Vans and other vehicles up to 4 ton (4,000Kg) in weight. Launch TLT240SC Two Post Lift is a Commercial Grade, Asymmetrical Clear Floor Lift with adjustable width and the ability to install rotated asymmetric (turned column) or standard asymmetric (straight column). The TLT240SC three stage short arms, two stage long arms, 109mm min. pad height and versatile design allows easy lifting of passenger cars and light pickup trucks. Dual point lock release and durable chain driven cylinders make the TLT240SC a great choice for the professional shop or the car enthusiast. At Launch, we provide unmatched support and availability for our complete product line of automotive lifts.

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Launch TLT240SC Two Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 4 Ton)

Adjustable Column Width – Provides extra 6” of width adjustment for narrow service bays to custom fit your shop
Double Telescoping Screw Pads – Provide 2.5″ of fine adjustment when setting lift arms
Rubber Door Guards – Full coverage door guards provide added security against door damage
Hose Guards – Protects hydraulic hoses from damage and gives a clean professional look
Stackable Foot Pad Extensions – Recessed lift points are no problem with 3.5″ lift pad extensions. (Four included)
Dual Point Lock Release – Allows technicians to disengage both column locks independently
Heavy-Duty Arm Restraint System – Well designed arm restraint using steel gears provides years of trouble free service
Cable and oil pipes are fully concealed
Double hydraulic cylinder and high strength chain drive for stable and smooth lifting and lowering
Wire rope equalization system forces synchronous movement of the two carriages and effectively prevents vehicle from tilting
24V low voltage control box (IP54 level) ensures operator’s safety
24V cylinder travel limit switch effectively protects cylinder and extends its lifespan
More lifting pads with different heights meet the requirements for light lorries and SUVs
Passed 115% dynamic loading test and 150% static loading test
Standard Asymmetric Installation – Lift installed with columns facing each other (no additional parts needed)
Rotated Asymmetric Installation – Lift installed with columns offset – rotated (no additional parts needed)
Rated Load: 4,000Kg
Lifting height: 1,850mm
Initial height: 110mm
Lifting time: <= 50s Lowering time: >= 20s <= 40s Passing Width for symmetric installation: 2, 486mm Overall Width for symmetric installation: 3, 420mm Passing Width for asymmetric installation: 2, 415mm Overall Width for asymmetric installation: 3, 563mm Overall Height: 3,840mm Minimum Ceiling Height: 3,861mm Low Pad Height: 101.6mm Maximum Lift Height: 1,854mm Width Between Columns: 2,743mm Arm Reach Front: 599mm – 1,105mm Arm Reach Rear: 863.6mm – 1,371.6mm Maximum Load Per Arm: 1,020kg Motor Voltage: 3 phase/380V or Single phase/220V Operating Pressure: 2750 PSI Shipping Weight: 726Kg Shipping Dimensions: 2, 794mm x 609.6mm x 1, 219.2mm Motor Power: 2.2Kw Working noise: <= 70dB Working oil pressure: 18MP


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