Launch X-431 PAD III

Launch X-431 PAD III


Improvements in Version 2.0
Optimization of operation
Optimization of the diagnostic application, enhanced operation, fluency and higher data stream refresh speed
Preset tool applications
Simplified the device setup
High-end hardware configuration
Commen Points

Intelligent Diagnosis Automatically identify vehicle information and check maintenance records online
Remote Diagnosis Obtain the imminent help from professional technician or Launch experts
Diagnostic Feedback Provide diagnostic feedback support when you are faced with a problem during the diagnosis
On-click Upgrade One-click upgrade to update new version of software quickly
Diagnostic Software Clear Diagnostic Software Clear function to clean up unnecessary software one time

Launch X431 PAD III (Version 2.0)
Now with 3 Years Free Online Update
Launch X431 PAD III is a brand-new high-end car fault diagnostic device developed by Launch based on Android system. In addition to inheriting many advantages such as wide coverage of special functions and car models, powerful and a large number of diagnostic functions, and accurate test data, X431 PAD III also firstly introduces intelligent diagnosis technology, which makes maintenance more intelligent and efficient. X431 PAD III is designed in particular for garages that are focused more on high end cars like BMW, Audi, Benz, Landrover, Jaguar, Porche and who love to repair difficult cars. LAUNCH X431 PAD III is the only device in the X431 family which supports 140 car brands and more than 2000 car models. It is designed to support Launch’s extension module which makes it a more suitable car scanner for high end cars than any other device.

Online Programming: Supports Online Programming of Benz, BMW and Volkswagen
Intelligent diagnosis technology: Identify the car model by VIN scanning and check historical maintenance and diagnostic records online.
Special functions: Supports Matching, Coding, Programming and 15 special functions including Oil Reset, Throttle Adaptation, Steering Angle Reset, Electrical Parking Brake Reset, Tire Pressure Reset, Anti-theft Matching, ABS Blake Bleeding, Battery Matching, Gear Learning, Injector programming, DPF Reset, Sunroof Initialization, Headlamp Matching, Suspension Matching and AT Matching
Wide car model coverage: Support most of the car models from Asia, Europe and America, such as Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Benz, BMW, and Audi.
Extended functions: Support the modules “Sensor and multimeter”, “Battery detection”, “Oscilloscope”, and “Endoscope”.
Remote diagnosis: Remote diagnosis between workshops.
Supports almost all OBD I and OBD II protocols.
Can scan 12V car and 24V truck and bus with the help of HD module.
Supports remote diagnosis and scan car even though car is 1000KM away from garage.
Supports online technician’s community where problem can be shared and resolved by experts from that field.
Can support multi graph display of up to 15 graphs at a time.
User can search error code online from device itself and can find solution for particular problem.
Bluetooth connector can scan up to range of 10 Meter away car.


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