Launch X431 Pro3 V4.0

Launch X431 Pro3 V4.0


The classic full-function intelligent diagnostic tool with brand-new user friendly design while delivering ultimate performance. Featuring the 1.8GHz 8-core processor and Android 9.0 operation system, the X-431 PRO 3 V4.0 is an ideal solution that has everything you need for managing your repair jobs smartly and conveniently. It saves your time and boosts your productivity.

1. Full vehicle system diagnosis, coverage for abundant US, Asian and European makes and models

2. Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle for intelligent diagnosis

3. 15 special functions for the main brands

4. Support X-431 ADAS calibration

5. Support 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi connection

6. Compatible with Launch videoscope and X-PROG

7. Remote diagnosis allowing you to work on a vehicle from your tool without being on-site

8. One-click upgrade and silent install of software

9. Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information

10. Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing

11. Integrated lookup table of vehicle coverage

1. Android 9.0 operating system with four-core processor for fast, reliable operation

2. 10.1-inch touch screen display with high resolution for precise details

3. PUSH PUSH connector with practical design for easy storage

4. DBSCar IV VCI with stable Bluetooth connectivity

Operation system Android 9.0
CPU 1.8GHz, 8-core processor
Memory 3GB
Storage 32GB (max. 128GB expandable memory)
Screen 10.1” touch screen
Camera Rear 8 Megapixels, front 5 Megapixels
WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Size 265*214.5*50.5mm


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