Obdstar P001 Programmer

Obdstar P001 Programmer


On the basis of original adapter features, P001 programmer is a multifunctional programmer, integrated with the EEPROM adapter, RFID adapter and Key Renew adapter. It brings a brand new experience, which allows auto technician to reduce more cumbersome procedures.

P001 programmer uses dual coils with stronger signal, supporting a wider range of RFID. It is also required in recent model upgrades, as follow:

Ferrari 458/F12/F149;

Maserati mechanical key;

Fiat 500/Viaggio/Palio/Siena/Boyue/Pailang/Ottimo, etc.


Alfa Romeo;

Volkswagen MQB;

Toyota 5 simulated cards;



P001 programmer :

P001 programmer unit + C001 circuit board + C002 circuit board + W001 data cable + W002 data cable + W003 data cable + Toyota simulated smart key 1;

1: C001 circuit board

C001 circuit board is compatible with old NO. 3 and 4 circuit boards, applying to EEPROM chip dismantling and reading, Tianjin FAW and VIZHI immobilizer coil initialization and other functions.

2: C002 circuit board

The newly developed C002 circuit board is connected by W001, W002 or W003 without welding the chip.

3: W001 data cable

W001 data cable can read or write data by linking the chip with a bonding wire

4: W002 data cable

W002 data cable can read or write data by clamping the chip (SOP 8-pin) directly without welding EEPROM.

5: W003 data cable

W003 data cable can read or write data by clamping positive pole and negative pole with red and black clips and contacting the data interface with yellow and blue probes.


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