Package Including:

1 x Original upgraded version QDB-2A Auto Actuator

1 x English User Manual

1 Set x Testing cables and clips


Drive and test ignition coil, including independent ignition, group ignition, coil type and module type.
Drive and test fuel injector, including 12V injector for gasoline vehicle and 12V 24V injector for diesel vehicle.
Drive and test the solenoid valve and fuel metering valve of various duty cycle control.
Drive and test various duty cycle controlled motors and urea pump motors
Drive and test the idle stepper motor, instrument stepper motor, head-lamp follow up steering stepper motor, etc
Output Hall signal with adjustable frequency, amplitude and duty cycle to simulate various duty cycle sensors, such as air conditioning pressure sensor, air flow meter, etc
Power supply voltage range: 12V-24V, with reverse connection protection and over-current protection
Driving current range of electromagnetic coil: 0-3.5A
Output frequency range: 1hz-100khz
Duty cycle adjustment:1%-100%
Adjustable voltage: 1.25V-11.5V


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