QuickTrak Lite Laser Aligner

QuickTrak Lite Laser Aligner


Lite Car 4 Wheel Laser Aligner (LC4WLA)
Best Selling Car Laser Aligner. Made in Sheffield, England.
1 Year Parts Warranty

A British hand-made Wheel Aligner that’s cheaper than its mass produced Chinese competitors.

The Lite Car 4 Wheel Laser Aligner (LC4WLA) is a Lite version of our bestselling Standard Car 4 Wheel Laser Aligner (SC4WLA). We replaced the wall cabinet with just a simple wall bracket making LC4WLA the perfect alternative if you want all the professional benefits of SC4WLA but are limited for space.

With minimal moving parts, no wires, pin sharp laser images & rechargeable batteries it all adds up to one seriously versatile Wheel Aligner.

And best of all, It’ll make you money. Shed loads to be honest. Basically whatever you spent on it, it’ll repay you that week in week out, year on year, decade on decade.

Like all QuickTraks, it’s quick, it’s simple to use, it’s well priced and it’s built to last.

Rechargeable battery operated thus eliminating wires
Tried and tested ‘Hang on Tyre’ design
Won’t scratch expensive alloy wheels
Works on practically all cars and light commercials with rim diameters between 13” and 22”
Designed for Professional Workshops


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