Quicktrak SharkEye BigEye 4 Wheel Laser Aligner

Quicktrak SharkEye BigEye 4 Wheel Laser Aligner


The SharkEye BigEye is the ultimate in Car & LCV laser Wheel Aligners. The concept is taken from our class leading Zubra Truck multi-axle aligner to enable precise interaxle alignment. Or in other–words, making sure the rear wheels are parallel with the fronts.

The BigEye offers a unique and simple way of completely aligning a vehicles axles. It can also be used as a standard laser 4 wheel laser aligner. Like all SharkEye products the BigEye is handmade in Sheffield, England and won’t break the bank.

BigEye comes with SharkEye PREMIUM Accessory Pack No5. which includes:

2 x Dished Turnplates
Premium Steering Wheel Clamp
Premium Brake Pedal Depressor Tool
Steering Wheel Levelling Tool
it also comes with a free Calibration Rig!


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