THINKDIAG is an automobile diagnostic tool with professional-grade functions. In the past, mechanics and car tuners have to use bulky diagnostic tools with large screens and connector cables, or laptops plugging into the OBD II port. THINKDIAG changes that. Plug the THINKDIAG dongle into your car, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and your smartphone becomes a professional diagnostic tool.

Plus-sized, portable, and powerful diagnostic tool that fits in your pocket.
Enhanced tests for full electronic control system (such as ABS and SRS).
Actuation tests that allow you to test each system actuator such as doors, windows or windscreen wipers to identify malfunction causes.
Special functions of 115 car brands that are specific to each car model or series so you don’t need multiple expensive special equipments.
Full OBD II and EOBD functions for full system scans to help you make informed car maintenance decisions and avoid spending unnecessary service fees.
Live data stream graphing gives you a visual comparison of multiple real-time data to better understand your car.
Bidirectional functions let you send and receive commands from the ECU.


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