Vident iEasy310




iEasy310 Enhanced OBDII/EOBD+CAN Code Reader
With impressive design in physical tool and menus of software, newly issued iEasy310 is the best seller among iEasy series OBDII/EOBD+CAN Code Reader. Supporting all OBDII 10 test modes,battery display, graphic comparisons, iEasy310 is surely a must-have tool for each car owner to shoot all OBDII DTCs.
Works with most 1996 and newer OBDII & CAN compliant cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, minivans and hybrid sold worldwide.
Supports all the 10 OBDII test modes.
Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and built-in speaker indication emissions monitor status. They can also help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle.
I/M readiness hot keys make it easy to use this tool right out of the package: quick display of status of all tests on a single screen.
Read/clear stored and pending codes, switch off check engine light (MIL) and resets monitors.
View on-screen fault code definitions (Generic, manufacturer specific, pending, where available); thousands of definitions stored within the tool software.
Look up fault code definitions from the tool’s on-board database
Read freeze-frame data engine conditions such as fuel trim, engine coolant temperature etc. at the time the Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) was set (a snapshot of sensor values when a DTC occurred)
Read, records, graphs & playbacks real-time live data streams from the engine sensors; ideal for monitoring intermittent faults.
Graph live engine data on-screen
View oxygen sensor test results (dependent on vehicle support)
View on board monitor test and component test
Retrieve protocol, VIN, Cal ID and CVN identifiers from ECU (dependent on vehicle support)
Enhanced mode 6 functions; Non-continuously Monitored Systems test results.
Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding makes it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes and enhanced mode 6 data.
Test and display the voltage of battery
Support max. 4 graphic comparisons of data stream
Multilingual menu option: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, Sweden.
Unique shortcut menu to enter update mode easily
Life time FREE software and firmware updates


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