Vmpauto RESURS – DIAMOND Valve Grinding Paste


How to use:
Put the valve into the head of the box
Apply a thin layer of the paste
Fix the valve stem;
Turn the valve two-ways pressing the valve to the valve seat
Homogeneous mat grey colour of the valve face and seat means well grinding.
After grinding wipe the valve and the seat with a clean rag and wash to remove the rest of the grinding paste.



Professional line of grinding pastes – the way to perfect engine function!
Grinding rough grit abrasive disintegrating to soft finishing abrasive just in 30 sec!
How it works
Grinding is a process of removing of the thinnest layers of valve and valve seat with small grain size abrasive powder mixed with lubricant by the use of special instrument. During this treatment the paste removes all roughness.

The paste provides:

90% hermeticity of the valves
Improvement of the performance
Increasing of compression in the combustion chamber
Reducing of the oil burning

Comfortable batcher form allows easy and equally apply paste on the valve;
rough and finishing composition in one;
contains components accelerating time of lapping;
paste retention in contact zone;

PROFESSIONAL paste for valves of petrol engines.
CLASSIC paste for valves of petrol engines.
DIAMOND paste for valves of heavy duty engines.


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